Stronghold 2

Yesterday, I installed a new game to my computer. The Game named Stronghold 2. It is a strategy game like Age of Empires series.

This game is a good game for those who love strategy game. In the play mode, we will face two options. The first is the path of peace. In the path of peace, we will face more building castle quests. The second is the path of war. In this path, we will have so many war with another kingdom.

System Requirement

Win 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP

CPU 1.4 Ghz

RAM 256 Mb

Graphics 32 Mb (Ge Force 2 MXupwards)

DirectX 9.0c

Disk Space 2.5 Gb

Game Info

-Become the greatest lord in the land with Firefly’s amazing 3D castle construction set

-Fight Daring duels through castle keeps, over walls and inside great towers

-All new troop units and siege equipment and now formations allow epic warfare

-Look inside buildings and see medieval life unfold

-Control waste, combat disease and catch the criminals in your castle

My Rating to this game is : 8/10

For more information, you can visit Stronghold 2 official website at


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2 responses to “Stronghold 2

  1. Andrew

    Anjrit, game nya menurut gue jadi jelek…Lebih bagus stronghold 1, daripada yang ke-2. Gameplay di Stronghold 2 jadi ga enak, lebih fokus ke economy, padahal harusnya taktik perang. Udah gitu BUG nya BANYAK lagi…Bikin tambah minus aja nih game. Ada expansionnya tuh, Stronghold Legends. Mau pinjem??

  2. wa gk maen yg ke 1 nya c… jadi menurut wa game ini bagus 😀

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