DotA Allstars v6.43 & v6.43b

The two latest versions of DotA Allstars have been released. Don’t forget to download the maps.

Here are the links :

  1. DotA Allstars v6.43
  2. DotA Allstars v6.43b (1)
  3. DotA Allstars v6.43b (2)
  4. DotA Allstars v6.43b (3)
  5. DotA Allstars v6.43b (4)


And here is the changelog:

6.43b Changelog:

* Fixed some big performance problems lower end machines were having
* Fixed some rare bugs that caused heroes to not revive
* Fixed -swaphero, neutral creep spawn time and initial gold in -xl

6.43 Changelog:

* Added new mode -xl(Extended League Mode)
* Reworked the Roshan Terrain area for improved Sentinel accessibility (lots of miscellaneous tweaks and mechanics to that area have been done beyond simply terrain change)
* Fixed the multiple hero exploit
* Recoded the death timer. It is more accurate now (the display was off before, you don’t revive any faster than you used to)
* Items with armor bonuses no longer stack (Vladmir/Basilius/Assault)
* Fixed a bug with Satanic that was giving it extra life steal
* Fixed some bugs with Mekansm, Morphling Stat Change and Hand of God that caused the death timer to not properly show
* Added Bottle to the new secret shop
* Undid some of the Toughness Aura buff from last version
* Tinker no longer Rearms Arcane Ring
* Slightly reduced creep collision size due to the increased number in the last patch towards the end of the game
* Fixed Sentinel ranged creeps having slightly less regen than Scourge ranged creeps
* Mekansm and Bloodstone now tell the user when they fail to heal him properly due to stacking rules
* Watchers give slightly less gold (due to their new radiance vulnerability last patch)
* Fixed various typos
* Fixed Ring of Basilius ability from working on CotS and Essence Aura
* Song of the Siren properly sleeps units out of its vision
* Items that can be disassembled now tell you when you buy them
* Fixed a bug with chicken that lets you sell unsellable items
* Fixed Throne not providing the lifesteal capability that World Tree does
* Reduced Radiance damage bonus from 70 to 60
* Fixed Phantom Assassin’s Blink Strike range
* Death Board is on by default now (-don)
* Observer Wards last a little longer now
* Reduced Avernus’ movement speed by 5
* Temporarily disabled Meepo in -dm to fix some bugs
* Fixed the Doppelwalk and Lothar’s Edge “0!” text
* The icon for turning Rot off is now more obvious
* Changed Meepo Attribute Bonus from 40% to 25%
* Improved Unstable Concoction (When you cast it, you lock vision on the target while you channel)
* Various nerfs to Alchemist: Acid Spray AOE (700-550), Acid Spray Mana (120->160), Str/lvl (2.4->1.8), Int/lvl (1.5->1.0), Lowered health regen on level 1 ultimate, Greed Stack Duration (20->18), Greed Gold Cap (20->18), Movement Speed (300->290) but level 2 and 3 of his ultimate give him a minor boost back to his normal speed, Slight base armor reduction
* Fixed Cheese to heal the proper amount
* Fixed the creep spawn sound from happening too early in -mm

Note: If you guys haven’t read the 6.42 changelog, I highly recommend you do. It is available at


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10 responses to “DotA Allstars v6.43 & v6.43b

  1. mga ulok kayo………………….

  2. ano iba secret items in dota ~_~………

  3. I’m sorry, i still don’t get where the secret shop was. So, if someone know where it is, pls tell us…

  4. Aires

    Play in Single Player…and use cheat iseedeadpeople…the new secret shops are at the right down, and left up…halah…ga tau lah

  5. yah dimana di kanan bawah wa lihat gk ada… di kiri atas juga gk ada…

  6. Aires

    Di hutan2 nempel di tembok…bukan dipojok,posisinya diantara tower 1 Sentinel n Scourge yg lane kiri/kanan.

  7. etong

    mga ulok kau……………………..

  8. pls speak english… I don’t know what you say…

  9. narithking

    could anyone teach how to combine the secret items pls?

  10. rosser
    try this….
    natherezim bucler\ stout shield\planerwalk cloaks = mirror shield
    3 ultimate orb = enthernal orb
    for 6.44 Ai or 6.45 Ai… if you want more secret items…
    coordinate me…ok..thanks.

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