How to Make a Death Note Book

My Death Note BookFriday, 23 March, 2007, I made a Death Note Book with a guide from my friend, xvain. And this is my Death Note.

Do you want it? For those who loves Death Note, you can make the Death Note by yourself. This is the guide how to make the Death Note Book.

The materials which are needed:

  1. A color printer
  2. A note book, bigger than the usual is better
  3. Some glue or tape for sticking
  4. Printer papers (Have a bigger size than your note book)
  5. Death Note writing
  6. Scanner (Optional)

And this is the guide:

  1. First of all, download the Death Note writing picture. Then, edit it to a bigger size or anything as you like.
  2. Make a picture file, with a black color inside the picture (The picture size must be bigger than your note book). For easy step, scan your note book with your scanner, so you know your book size. If you have made the picture, copy and paste the Death Note Writing to your picture. Edit it to a bigger size if the Death Note writing look smaller in the picture.This is for your front cover.
  3. Make one black color picture file again. But this time, without the Death Note Writing. This is for your back cover.
  4. Print the pictures with your printer papers.
  5. After that, wrap it to your note book. Stick the open side with your glue or tape.
  6. Addition! Make 2 black sheet again, without Death Note writing. This extra sheets are for covering the inside covers which are not black. If you are diligent, you can print the “How to Use” pages like in the anime. Click here to get the picture.
  7. Congratulation if your Death Note Book is finished. If you have problem, just comment ok?

This is the Death Note Writing. Death Note Writing

The credit for this guide goes for xvain! Thx, xvain!

At last! I’ve found the most important page of the how to use page of death note. Click to see thehow to use page…

NOTE : This is just a normal book! Not a real Death Note Book. Please do not use this book to provoke someone or use it for evil purpose! 😀


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114 responses to “How to Make a Death Note Book

  1. domo damia

    thank you so much,actually i don’t know what death note is,i know death note from smosh

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