List of This Year Great Movies

Source : CROSStudent

Credits for : Cryptex and Cinemags Magazine

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FEBRUARY : Ghost Rider, Music & Lyrics, Norbit, Young Hannibal, The Number 23,Reno 911:Miami. Black Snake Moan, The Astronaut Farmer, Because I Said So, The messenger, Breach.

MARCH : 300, TMNT, Zodiac, Mr.Bean’s Holiday, The Hills have Eyes 2, Wild Hogs, Meet The Robinson, Hot Fuzz, Reign Over Me, Blades Of Glory.

APRIL : rindHouse, Perfect Stranger, Are We Done yet?, In The Land Of Women, The kingdom, Vacancy, The Valet, The Condemned, Fracture, Death At A Funeral.

MAY : Spider-Man 3 , Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End, Shrek The Third, 28 Weeks later, 1408.

JUNE : Ratatouille, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surver, Evan Almighty, Surf’s Up, Ocean Thirteen, Nancy Drew, Firehouse Dog.

JULY : Hary Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, Transformers, Live Or Die Hard, The Simpsons Movie, Licensed To wed, No Reservations, Lars & The real Girl.

AUGUST : The Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3, The Invasion, Knocked Up, One Missed Call, Revenge Of The Nerds, Underdog.

SEPTEMBER : Next, Resident Evil: Extinction, The Brave One, The Dark Is Rising, College, Michael Clayton, The Waterhouse.

OCTOBER : SAW 4, Hallowen, Seven Day Itch, Vantage Point, 3:10 To Yuma, 30 Days Of Night, Strangers.

NOVEMBER : I Am Legend, American Gangster, Bee Movie, Fred Claus, Reservation Road, Beowulf, Foodfight.

DECEMBER :10,000 B.C., Alien VS PREDATORS 2, Charlie Wilson’s War, His dark Materials:Thr Golden Compass, Enchanted.


Can’t wait to watch them… 😀


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