Vista Transformation Pack

Yesterday, my cousin gave me a new program called Vista Transformation Pack. The Vista Transformation Pack (or VTP) is a system transformation pack which will change the Microsoft Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 interface to one closely resembling Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Currently, Vista Transformation Pack supports only 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. (64-bit compatibility is planned for future releases)

The transformation pack replaces many of the resources in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003. It can change such things as:

– Boot screen

– Welcome Screen / Logon Screen

– New msstyles files (visual styles)

– New desktop and file icons

– New toolbar icons

– Progress Dialogs

– Sounds scheme

– System Tray icons

– New Wallpapers

– Windows Media Player Skins

– And much more

Vista Transformation Pack come with other applications. It includes:

  • Glass2k = Offers window transparency, for people who can’t afford WindowBlinds 5 with Vista Aero Style glass skin.
  • LClock = Gives the Windows taskbar clock look a Longhorn style, with calendar and reminder note features.


Vista Transformation Pack also changes some system files and system registries that could make any problem to your system. You have to decide to use it yourself and it will not my fault if Vista Transformation Pack make any problem to your system.



Q: After installing the pack and rebooting, I get nothing but a blank screen.

A: This is due to an improper installation of the new boot screen (if selected during the setup), to fix this, just boot up in ‘last known good configuration’ (see ‘booting options’ below).

Q: Why does the start button appear cut off at the top?

A: Without using any third party applications, the start button cannot extend beyond the limits of the task bar, therefore the button is cut off. In other words, it’s meant to be like that. Here is an application that can do that: LINK REMOVED

Q: I do not like the transparency. Can I disable it?

A: Yes you can. To disable it go into Add/Remove programs and unintall “Glass2K”.

Q: Can I lower the transpareny level?

A: Yes, when viewing the window you wish to decrease or increase the tansparency hit “Ctrl + Shift + 1-9 ” (1 being less transparent 9 being almost invisible, you must use the number row below the F# buttons and not the NumPad)

Q: After installing the pack, not all icons changed to the new Vista icons. How do I fix this?

A: Go to Add/Remove Programs > Vista Transformation Pack > Rebuild Icon Cache

Q: Can I remove the splash screen from Glass2K

A: Nope. The only way would be to un install it.

Q: Can I install VTP4 over previous versions of VTP?

A: No you can not, previous versions of VTP must be uninstalled first.

Q: Why is there no preview of each customization during the setup?

A: The preview option is not included in VTP 4.0, though you can preview it on Windows X’s site.

Q: Can I install VTP 4.0 on a non genuine copy of Windows?

A: Yes you can, however please Support Microsoft by purchasing a legal copy of Windows Here

Q: Why is the language setting button on the logon screen as seen in the preview pictures not there?

A: This button only appears on certain installs of Windows, you might just have it disabled or not installed.

Q: After installing the pack, pages being displayed in FireFox appear to be ‘jumping’. How do I fix this?

A: This is caused by a bug in the skin which conflicts with the bookmarks bar in FireFox if it is empty. To fix the problem just add a link or links to the bookmark bar and restart firefox.

Q: Why am I am constantly asked to rebuild my Vista icon cache?

A: To get rid of the icon cache rebuild prompt, just press any key as it is actually going to rebuild your XP icons not the Vista icons.

Q: Why does my display picture not appear in the top right of the start menu?

A: For your display picture to be displayed, you must use the Welcome Center log-in style and not the Classic style.



As seen in the above section you may be required to boot up in a different mode to fix some problems. To do this, as the computer is booting up, push ‘F8’ constantly until you come to a boot options screen.

Then by using the Up and Down arrow keys, select the appropriate boot option and then press enter.

(NOTE: If the boot options screen is not recognizing your keyboard actions, this may be because your keyboard requires drivers to fully funtion. If this happens, find a standard PS/2 connection keyboard and plug it in. Reboot and use that keyboard to navigate in the boot options screen)

My Cousin’s Experience on using Vista Transformation Pack


After installing Vista Transformation Pack, his computer worked normally. But, in the next hour the computer restart automatically 😦 . I don’t know why it would happen 😦 . Fortunately, I was reported by him about it 🙂 . It makes me to not install Vista Transformation Pack. 😦


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5 responses to “Vista Transformation Pack

  1. Dapat VTP dr mana ?? Dari buku Windows XP XXX bukan ??

    Kalo restart sendiri itu pasti ada aplikasi lain yang diinstall dr buku. Kebetulan ada namanya autorestart. Kalo VTP nya gak bikin restart sendiri.

    Hati-hati kalo udah install VTP. Nanti suara + icon gak bisa balik lagi. Kalau toolbarnya masih bisa balik lagi dgn cara pilih toolbar yang lain.

  2. Dapat VTP dr mana ?? Dari buku Windows XP XXX bukan ??


  3. dennis

    I downloadedVista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 but could not install it. I recieved an error message saying that window has to close. Any solution is hekpful!

  4. Does anybody wants windows vista ultimate? Just dont hesitate to call me at +639212263034… for ay queries about it…

    Package worth 1500$ only…
    Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate just right within your reach…

  5. By the way dennis it is only a shell or an interface of your operating system,
    it just a look of vista but not a real one…
    on the other hand it will damage your system due to modification of the original
    files on your system, thank you very much

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