Good Bye, Chrisye…

I have a bad news. Yesterday, a Legendary musician from Indonesia, Chrisye died. I was very sad. He died because he has a cancer. He died at 04.08 in Indonesia. He is a Legendary Musician in Indonesia, and I like his songs. I don’t believe that he will die. I think that he will sing again someday. And my dreams were over. He has died. And he leave his family and friends. I feel it too.

I wish his family will be patient. I want to tell them, don’t be sad, and may the God bless you all.

About Deni Yang

Not much to describe. Just an ordinary boy.

2 responses to “Good Bye, Chrisye…

  1. Aires

    Yah…Chrisye kan dah tua n penyakitan,wajar dong klo dia meninggal dunia.

    Chrisye jg meninggal dgn meninggalkan sesuatu yg berharga bwt Bangasa Indonesia

  2. iya juga c… tapi wa bener” merasa kehilangan… coba dia gk suka ngerokok…

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