DotA Allstars 6.43b AI plus

This is an unofficial AI map, but just download it and play 😀 .

Source : DotA Portal

Link to download the map : Click This!


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9 responses to “DotA Allstars 6.43b AI plus

  1. hmm. i dont know with my dota. i can’t play dota with dota frozen throne’s map.
    i just can play dota in reign of chaos map. do you know the answer of this problem?

    thx b4.

  2. first, u must update your frozen throne to 1.18 version (minimum). The newest is 1.20. U can download it from blizard official website…

  3. oh yeah…
    u can read this site for more information…

  4. Kalo ga salah versi TFT yg sekarang udah sampe 1.21.
    Eh,.. cross-x,.. AI-nya di map ini bagus ga ?… 🙂

  5. oh iya… tapi wa blm donload neh…..
    ainya? masih lebih jago punya cloud donk……..

  6. well… udah keluar tuh 6.43b AI plus yg buatan lazy fiend. ini juga bagus,.. udah coba download belum ?…

  7. thx buat infonya! wa masukin ke blog wa deh… hehehe…

  8. i wanna hear what do you wan…!!!
    I can’t Hear You

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