How to Make a Death Note Book (The “How to Use it” page)

At last, I found the “How to Use it” Page. Just download and print it with the same size as your Death Note Book. Then stick it to your book the next page after the Death Note Front Cover. To see how to make the death note, click this!


for another pages :

NOTE : This is just a normal book! Not a real Death Note Book. Please do not use this book to provoke someone or use it for evil purpose! 😀


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58 responses to “How to Make a Death Note Book (The “How to Use it” page)

  1. K

    i want to kill someone,
    so…i need the real death note!

  2. A

    tolong gw!
    gw mw d bunuh!
    ada kira yang dah tw spa gw.
    smw yg dukung gw,
    tlong gw…

    tlong hub ke sni klau klian mw bntu gw sblm trlambat…

  3. A

    NEAR,Shinigami Ryuuzaki,
    muvin gw..
    gw dah gagal dalam misi ini.
    skrg gw tgal menunggu wktu gw d bunuh.
    trnyata kira yg gw slidiki adalah tmn gw sendri.
    jd…muv gw dah gagal..
    sampai jumpa di kehidupan selanjutnya.

  4. Sharith


    I went and brought a death note from eBay and theres a real annoying kid at school realy piss’s me off and makes stuff up about people. I NEED MY DEATH NOTE TO WORK!!!!! I kepped writing in hes name over and over again my friend txted me saying “He came to school buts hes like sick” And i wrote somothing happens to him out of random and i think it worked but a doubt it =(

  5. leonela

    i need to kill someone lol really want a death note …i love L he is awesome and light too


    why they doesnt exist

  6. death note palsu banyak yang jual loh, aku punya nih.

  7. Anggy Death NoteR

    woohoo! that note, uhu, aha.. i like it!

  8. Anggy Death NoteR

    aku akan mengubah dunia dengan ini! hahaha!
    just kid!

    btw, di surabaya, yang jual death note palsu itu dimana?
    i need it!

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