It’s Christmas Now! What Is The BEST Present in Christmas?

Santa ClausGuess what? Today is Christmas. And that means Jesus has born! Today is Jesus’ Birthday! Every people all across the world has shouted Merry Christmas, bought presents, greeting card, and many other things for their family, friends, and other people. Yes, it sure is a great tradition to celebrate Christmas, but it sure isn’t the best way to celebrate Christmas.

Do you know what is Christmas? Christmas is the day where Jesus born. That means Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday! So, if Someone celebrates His birthday, what must we do? We must give Him a present, right? And the question is, have we given Jesus the best present ever? We can’t give him an ordinary present, like Christmas Trees, Greeting Cards, Toys, or something like that. So, what must we give to Jesus as the best present? The answer is, we must give Him our heart as the best present. How, we ask? Just believe in Him, and live like Jesus! We can give our present to people who need it, that’s one of many other way how we live like Jesus!

At last, I want to say to you all : Merry Christmas 2007! Hope your wishes will come true! God Bless Us Forever!

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Not much to describe. Just an ordinary boy.

4 responses to “It’s Christmas Now! What Is The BEST Present in Christmas?

  1. salam kenal
    blognya bagus 🙂
    saya dapat link blog ini dari
    kapan2 baca blog saya juga ya
    makasih 🙂

  2. salam kenal juga.
    Selamat Natal! 😀

  3. i regret for behaving so bad when christmas nite, owww aku hampir ketiduran waktu misa natal… itu juga sih karena gak enak badan, tapi harusnya bukan jadi alasan untuk tidak hormat waktu misa.

    happy christmas bro and for everyone

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