Pokemon Platinum News (2nd Part)

I just got new news about Pokemon Platinum. Thanks to Serebii.net.

The new issue of CoroCoro has been revealed and posted on various japanese imageboards. These issues contain many various bits of data, confirming what we expected and providing new tidbits as we go;

  • Pokémon Platinum is set for a September 13th 2008 release in Japan
  • You have to face Team Galactic once more, but it seems their plans and HQ have been stepped up a fair bit
  • The Battle Frontier returns and takes place in the Fight Area in Sinnoh. There are different areas in the Battle Frontier, their battle quirks are not yet known. However, it does still contain the Battle Tower
  • The WiFi area has been enhanced with various areas which support up to 20 people at any one time
  • The Poffin making has taken a step up and has a new feature that involves a Swalot machine. You essentially throw berries into its mouth. This can be done over WiFi in the new WiFi area
  • The Battle Recorder, an item seen on the Shaymin pictures last week, allows you to record battles that you hold and share them with your friends. This is done at the new & improved GTS in Jubilife City, which has a bigger global terminal
  • There is also confirmation of the Shaymin form changes and a note about the Giratina ones. It appears that like in the movie, Giratina’s Origin Forme can only be used in the Torn World, and its in its Another Forme elsewhere. It is unknown if there will be an item to use to keep it in its Origin Forme, but the main method will be revealed next month
  • Shaymin Sky Forme’s ability is Serene Grace. It appears to be more focused in Speed and Special Attack and knows the move Air Slash.
  • Giratina’s Origin Forme’s ability is Levitate.
  • The pictures also indicate and confirm new sprites for each Pokémon including Bidoof, Giratina’s Another Forme & Shaymin’s Land Forme
  • Confirmation of the new characters shown last month, one is a member of Team Galactic, and the other is part of an international police force and is hunting Team Galactic

Click the image to go to the new pokemon platinum pre release pictures page!

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