A Confession, it is

For so long I’ve seen her
I’ve been seeing her from behind
Is this the feeling?
Is this the one that I’ve been waiting for?

You’re so beautiful
I see it from your smile
How you’re a cheerful girl
Though sometimes you tend to be angry

Well, I tried to believe
I could do something for her
There must be a way
There must be a chance

I kept moving on
Tried to do my best
Although I don’t know
How can I make her happy?

I don’t have anything
experience in loving someone
experience in approaching a girl
I’m such a useless boy
I can only try to help her if she need my help

Everything I’ve done for her
It’s still don’t enough
It seems like she’s too far

I can’t do anything for her
I can’t make her happy
I can’t make her smile
I can’t make her know how I feel

I’m not a romantic boy
I’m not a cool boy
I’m not a handsome boy
I don’t have anything to be proud with


Maybe she likes someone else
Of course I can’t do anything about this
It’s her rights to love someone
As long as she is happy
As long as she always smiles
I’ll be happy

Her smiles
Her happyness
It’s enough for me
This pain is nothing to be compared with it
Though I can only watch her from behind


About Deni Yang

Not much to describe. Just an ordinary boy.

42 responses to “A Confession, it is

  1. yup DSFC is exist
    created by me and supported by prawn bos as the money manager (what the hell) (is there needed for a money manager?) wkwk
    ciao deni we support you

  2. Sharleen Lee

    ckckkckkck…it’s so crowded here..and i think my blog gk kbagian comment..
    gud luck..
    kwkakaka..don’t mix the real life with game2..sena2 game..what is that…
    OMG!now i’m broken english!gosh!

    • My blog is always full of visitors.. 😆

      what is “gk kebagian”? wkwkwk
      thanks, I’ll do my best.

      what happened with you? “jarang2” your english looks like that.
      indo dulu…
      Sena itu chara di eyeshield 21, anaknya kurus, suka di bully2, agak mirip ama gw. wkwk

  3. den ga boleh gitu
    elo kan SSTI (suami” takut istri)
    kalo sisharleen kan IIJS (Istri” Jajah Suami) mati loe ntar wkwk

  4. ferdy

    waduh den .. gile gile ..
    saingan dia sama allen .. iya gak cent ???

    tuit tuitt ..

  5. yoi tuit” wah den blog loe populer nih den ampe dibawa ke amrik wkwk thx to DSFC tuh den DSFC is Exist…ayo den go den go go go

    We are DSFC and we all supporting you =p
    go DSFC go DSFC go wkwk

  6. Sharleen Lee

    hell yeah lo kek si Sakura..

    @ deni..
    just be yourself den..
    i think everybody have their own ability..
    just try your best to get the girl man!.
    whoever it is..
    just try to what you are..
    and if u really honest about your feelings,,
    i’m sure,,the girl will know your feelings..
    if u want the girl to knoe your feelings,,just..shoot her man!..don’t be afraid..
    ur not a coward right ?

  7. lol in other word just shoot her den the girl support you =p asik” tumpeng lagi lol

  8. @leen
    mksdny hell yeah kyk Sakura? Sakura sapa?


  9. Sharleen Lee

    @ allen
    sakura naruto..
    dia kan suka bilang
    :”ksam narooo” apa lah..
    artinya kan
    “hell yeah!”

    @ deni :
    maybe..u should pdkt better..
    hmm..perhatian tp gk lebay gtu..
    terlalu lebay kekna gmn gtu..
    klo gw yah..bgtu..

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